Ballerina-dancesport official distributor of Real Dance Shoes

The "Real Dance-Sole Grip" technology

With real dance shoes - no more (shoe) brushing - no more moistening the sole - you can focus on dancing

A patent for an invention has been filed on October 30, 2015. (No. 15/60402) This patent entitled "Dance Shoe with Differentiated Adhesion" is intended to adress a non-existent market to date.

Whether you are teachers or competitors, and whatever the floor, you will be able to grip and slide to keep dancing the way you do with more efficiency.






For the first time, ADS Dance and Real Dance are cooperating to launch a new series of dance shoes on the market. We merged the best features into a single shoe in order to create unique dance competition shoes.

"ADS-IsoGrip", specializes in insole design. It provides Super Grip finish. It holds and holds the feet in the same position inside the dance shoes, preventing them from sliding forward or outward"

"Real Dance-Sole Grip", special design in front sole. The rubber sole covers the position of the big toes and the metatarsal, and the suede sole covers the rest of the toe position. This improves the performance of the dancer when taking, stopping and sliding position in the dance movement.


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